Vejle Steam Festival 2006 - part 2
Another Crowd Puller !
One of our MDK45 group Nils Kristian, brought a beautifully built, fully funtional , model dockside crane, which was remote controlled and entertained the visitors by loading coal, granite chippings, wood and grain into the wagons waiting on the siding under the crane. All this was done with the help of Nils Kristian’s skilled usage of the  cranes control panel. Not only could it fill the wagons, but it could empty them as well. It was complete with  2 or maybe 3 other grabs, designed to be used with differing materials.
An exhibit belonging to the Danish Steam Roller Club.
It was built by the Danish Vølund Factory, which I believe, is the only example left in existence.
The Swedish steamship “Bohuslån” which sailed to Vejle via Grenå where it picked up passengers for the last part of the trip. Seen here turning in Vejle harbour on it’s arrival at approx 5:15 pm on Friday 7th July 2006.
The Danish veteran steamer “Skjelskør”, which sailed to Vejle from Roskilde Fjord near Copenhagen. Seen here returning to Vejle harbour from a trip up Vejle Fjord on Sunday 9th July 2006.
(Left)  The Norwegian steamship “Børøysund” at the north quay in Vejle harbour. Seen here welcoming one of the other ships returning from a trip on the fjord. It is a sort of tradition for the ships in the harbour to salute returning ships by giving a blast on their sirens/whistles. This leads to some quite noisy exchanges, especially when the steam rollers, and other steam exhibits join in,  which happens quite often during the weekend !
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