Vejle Steam Festival 2006 - part 1
The festival was held on the 8th & 9th of July 2006, it was a dry weekend apart from a short-lived  shower around noon on Sunday. 5 steamships attended, arriving at Vejle harbour between 5:00 and 5:30 pm Friday evening. The miniature railway was provided by “Viby Minibane”. As usual there were a good number of steam rollers, traction engines, steam lorries, small steam boats and a steam train taking trips from the harbour at Vejle. However both Ro and I felt that there were not quite so many steam exhibits as there were in 2004.

One particular exhibitor stands out clearly in my memories of the festival, even today (11/1/2011), and that was a someone from England named Geoff Hudspith.. more of him later !
During the two days   17,000 visited the model exhibition hall, where members of the Danish Model Steam club exhibited their various steam models. The 45mm group of members of the model steam club  exhibited their collection of garden railway locomotives and rolling stock on their largest ever layout of temporary track. One of their members, Nils Kristian, also exhibited has scale sized working model of a dockside crane, which held many onlookers spellbound as it loaded coal and grain into waiting trucks, and then emptied them again.
SS. “Alexandra“ from Flensburgh, Germany returning from a trip on Vejle Fjord on Sunday 9th of July 2006. One nice thing about taking a trip on this ship is that the engineroom crew allow interested passengers down into the engine room 3-4 at a time, whilst the ship is under way.
Also from Holland, a beautifully restored steam car. Sorry, I am not sure what make it is. Note the serpents head, it is the mouth of the horn !
“The Hudspith Bicycle”.
This bicycle was amazing. It propelled Geoff along the quay at a steady pace. The boiler is heated by a parrafin/kerosene burner which burnt the fuel very cleanly. No smoke was visible. The fuel is contained in the tank mounted on the crossbar. The boiler is mounted on the handlebars and front wheel.  As can be seen from the photo, the steam engine drives the front wheel via a chain.

Geoff explained to us that the boiler, which is his own design, is extremely efficient at absobing the heat from the burner. So much so, that there is virtually no heat emitted from the chimney. He is even wondering if steam in the top of the boiler condenses due to lack of heat in that area.
A real crowd puller - The Hudspith Gramophone !
It was very difficult to get the shot, due to the large amount of onlookers when Geoff demonstrated the steam gramophone. The boiler is another of Geoffs designs, as is the gramophone.
If you look under the “horn”/loudspeaker on the table  you will see a clear plastic beer glass. That was there to collect the water which condensed in the” horn”, from the steam which was exhausted up through the “horn”.
It was odd to hear the music coming out of the “horn” and  at the same time, see steam rising out of it as well. As I wrote earlier, the gramophone kept the perfect speed when playing the records.
A visiting Fowler traction engine from Holland.
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