T D R Steam- ups / Køredage
Vi vil helst holde "mini"køredage med 2-4 mennesker, hvor man er velkommen til at komme med sit lokomotiv/lokomotiver. Andre interesserede uden lokomotiv er også velkomne. Du skal blot kontakte os og foreslå en dato, så vil vi indføje den i skemaet nedenunder. Hvis andre gerne vil være med på den dato kan de tilmelde sig, indtil der er max. 4 tilmeldte kørere på dagen. Kontakt : Telefonisk eller email addressen.......
During previous years... 2005, 2006, 2007, we have held an open day once a year.These occasions have been great fun, but due to the hectic activity, I have decided to hold mini steam-ups, on the basis that anyone can ring and say they want to drive a train on the WTD & PBR, and then see if we can find others to join in on the day suggested. I have now decided to try holding “mini steam-ups” with up to 5 people (plus anyone they bring with them)  participating. So if anyone feels that their loco / loco’s need a good run, please contact me by email at the address at the bottom of the page, or phone, and we will try to arrange a mini steam-up. This also includes anyone from outside of Denmark, or anyone in Denmark who does not have a loco, but would like to try driving a live steam loco and see what garden railways are about. You are very welcome to contact me, and I will see what we can arrange. Please use the email address at the bottom of the page.
2012 Mini Steam-ups (4 - 5 drivers) on the Tumbly Down Railway.
Month / Måned Date / Dato Driver / Lokofører
April 21/ 4  
June 16/6  
August 18/8  
October 20/10  
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????  =  possible steam-up dates / muglig køredage
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