Steam-ups We've Visited
We dedicate the pages in this section to photo’s taken at various steam-up’s we have visited and to the people who have kindly invited us.
Steamups can be fun, frustrating, informative and overwhelming !
Fun, because you get to meet like-minded people and share your hobby with friends.

Frustrating, because there is so much going on, and Murphy’s Law seems to come into effect on such a day, and your favourite loco starts running strangely, you forgot to bring your methylated spirit and everone else is using gas (or the other way around), your gas jet blocks, you forgot your R/C transmitter, a steam joint starts leaking badly and the loco needs to be taken apart to fix it etc. !!!!!

Informative, because the technical chat that goes on between those in attendance teaches you new techniques, solutions to problems encountered, and ways to build weird and wonderful structures, rolling stock locomotives etc.

Overwhelming, because there is usually so much going on and so much to look at.
There have been a good number of steam-up’s arranged by Brian Jensen and his wife Bente in years gone past, and a good few Danish garden railway folk have enjoyed running on Brian’s railway, and their wonderful hospitality.
   The same can be said for Anders Bjerre, who has held a few steam-up’s for the Danish MDK 45 group on his “Blålys Bane” where we have spent hours driving on his well laid out railway, not forgetting to mention battling up one particularly notorious incline that used to challenge the best of locomotives. He is now rebuilding his railway as an elevated track.
   I must not forget Poul Betak, who has also held a few steam-up’s on his wonderful railway, and again, the hospitality the he and his wife have shown all of us, has been marvellous.
   In July 2005 we visited our first ever US steam-up in Boxford, Massechussetts. This happened on a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky, BUT was HOT ! We saw many wonderful model steam loco’s, and got to know more garden railway people. This was also the first time I been to a railway with track elevated on posts. It certainly brings the model loco’s and rolling stock to a new visual level !
Over the years we have attended many steam-ups. The first I ever attended was at Ian Suttons in Somerset, England, not far from Bristol, the place where I grew up. This was in the beginning of the 1990’s.
  Ian’s steam-ups were a yearly “happening” which I eagerly looked forward to for months in advance, so you can possibly imagine my excitement when the day finally arrived ! They were wonderful occasions, Ian’s wife, Ruth would bake cakes ready for the day, so would some of the neighbours. On the morning of the actual day, Ruth would drive off to pick strawberries, which were devoured with cream later in the afternoon, by the attending guests ! They were very enjoyable occasions, with many people (approx 20) in attendance. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend one of Ian’s Steam-up’s since 1998.
A problem solving session !
6 guys from the UK and a Dutchman visiting the opening of the Gauge 1 track in Aalborg, Denmark in April 2009. We are told that they will be back, we're looking forward to it !
One of those relaxing moments ! Poul Betak & Søren Sørensen
One of Andy Bauers impressive locomotives, it sure is big !!!!!!!!!
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