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Due to the fact that we have, in the past, been plagued with SPAM mail, we have had to remove a direct email link from the site. Also it has been necessary to write our email address incorrectly as the contents of the site can be automatically read and any email addresses found, harvested for further use.

Please when using the email address below, REMOVE the 2 Z's from the address, as they have been added to confuse the email harvesting "spiders"
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February 2012.
A few small updates have taken place during the past few months until now, but nothing worth writing about !
However I have just added a page called Paintshop Pro where I give take a general look at PSP versions X3 / X4. It also deals with a couple of the palettes and how to apply gradients and create a new gradient. I have noticed that a few people have visited this site after searching on Google for help with the gradient tool. I hope it my account will be helpful to anyone seeking help with it in the future.
Another new page (sub page to Paintshop Pro, deals with enhancing photos with PSP X4, using the Smart Photo Fix, Local Tone Mapping and Fill Light & Clarity adjustments.

January 2012.
The problem with YouTube videos mentioned below, seems to have be sorted out by YouTube of Mozilla, as the embedded videos now work OK in Firefox.

June 19th 2011.
A problem has been discovered with the viewing of embedded YouTube videos when using the Firefox Browser on the TDR video page, and some of the Paddle Steamer pages. Starting the embedded video results in an error message.  A direct link has been added below the relevant videos, which will open a new window with a functioning video. This was noticed after updating to Firefox version 4. The problem is widespread on forums and other sites with embedded YouTube videos. It is a bug that seems to have affected many Firefox users since version 3. The embedded videos DO WORK IN INTERNET EXPOLORER !

May 26th 2011.
A tabbed section about internet security, some of the various free antivirus available, Internet Security Suites, free antimalware scanners and firewalls, has been added to the tabbed pages on "Computer Stuff" page.

February 5th 2011.
Several small adjustments have been made, and a rotating image box has been added to the home page. Clicking on one of the photos will take you to the relevant section of the site.

January 28th. 00:00 am.
The new look website was launched.

January 2011.

The Tumbly Down Cottage site was completely redesigned, using WYSIWYG Web Builder 7. Many hours were spent editing the 271 photos and graphical elements from the old site, and then building each of the original 86 pages into the new design.
It has been very tiring, but fun ! Over the coming months, when time allows I hope to add some new features. Some new pages have been added to the new site, such as the "our Furry Friends" page dedicated to our cats. The Computer Stuff pages need to be added to in the future. I hope to include more useful FREE software details and personal reviews. Also get a section on PC security done, something that was supposed to be done on the old website, but never materialised. :-(
Anyway, I will just say that I hope visitors to this site, enjoy their visit !