PS Pamela
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The description of this vessel as found on

The Paddlesteamer Pamela was built by Strath Steam in 2007/2008 primarily because the water level was so low in the Murray at Goolwa it became very dificult to get out on the river.
She is of timber/ply/epoxy construction and the hull measures approx 5.8m (19 feet) long with an overall length including the paddlewheel 7m (23 feet) with a width of 1.9 m (6' 3") the front deck being approx 1 m (40 inches) and the paddlewheel in 1.2 m (4 Ft) diameter.

She is powered by a 5 horsepower horizontal Liberty steam engine see ( with piston valve and Stephensons link reverse which turns a layshaft to a pulley on either end of the paddlewheel which pushes her along at arond 7 to 8 kilometres an hour (as long as there is not a strong current or wind) with 6 adults on board.

The boiler is a standard 450mm (18 inch ) vertical fire tube boiler which is fired on wood or brown coal briquettes, which are stored up under the front deck or on the roof if we are stuck for room. The steam system is self controlling as it runs a float control bypass and is condensing so the boiler level control is automatic all needs to do is stoke it and add a bit of water if you are heavy handed on the whistle or you let the safety valve go off too often.

The feedwater pump is driven by the engine and also incorparates a hand pump for emergencies. It has 2 rudders with a tele flex steering system to a centre console. She draws under the keels approx 250 mm (10 inches) with 6 adults but the paddlewheel is packed so if we are contemplating a longer journey with less people the wheel can be lowered. It has got a set of clear plastic blinds so can be completely closed in so we can sleep on board or stop the rain from coming in. She has her own trailer so does not have to be moored and we can take to other locations.