Edited photos
Comparison between Paintshop Pro & Photoshop Elements 9
From Photoshop after Auto Level adjustment.
From Paintshop Pro X3  after Auto Level adjustment.
Photoshop Elements. The final photo, after auto level ajustment, manual adjustment of the brightness and contrast, plus Unsharp Mask filter. This was the best result I could get !
Paintshop Pro X3. After auto level adjustment and Local Tone Mapping (level5) adjustments plus the same setting for the Unsharp Mask as in Photoshop. Just look at those clouds !
Here we compare a photo edited in Adobe's Photoshop Elements 9 and Corel's Paintshop Pro X3.

First I let each program adjust the original photo, using the automatic level function.

I then tried the other auto adjust functions in Photoshop Elements 9, but there was no change, so I manually adjusted the brightness and contrast to try to get as good an effect as possible. I resized the photo to 400 x 300 and applied the Unsharp Mask.
In Paintshop Pro X3, after the auto levels function made the necessary adjustments, I applied the Local Tone Mapping (clarify) function, and resized the photo to 400 x 300 and then applied the same Unsharp Mask settings as I had used in Photoshop Elements.

There is a definite difference !
Editing done with Paintshop Photo Pro X3
As you can see, the original photo print was very red. First I ran the automatic Noise Removal Filter After applying Auto Levels, things cleared up quite a bit. And further manual adjustment of the colour levels made things look really good. The scratches on the original were removed with the Clone Brush. Local Tone Mapping was also applied, and finally the Unsharp Mask.
Ok this is definitely a cheat !!!! How to brighten up a dreary day ! But you must admit that the photo on the right shows things in a much better light, please excuse the pun ! The sky area was selected and the colour altered obviously to light blue, and spotlight illumination was used to provide the sunshine. After seeing this, you won't know what to believe when you see photos on this site, will you ??? :-)
Now, the above picture is one of my pride and joys ! Simply cut out of a photo with a very busy background with unsightly objects dominating the scene. I used the Extraction Tool to remove the loco, but the many open spaces, such as windows and gaps between the wheels needed a bit of touching up after extraction, mostly using the Clone Brush and Background Removal Tool. You are viewing 2 hours work here !
The Original Photo.
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