The Kingswear Castle. Preserved and operating from Chatham.,
The Waverley. Preserved by the PSPS and run by the Waverley Navigation Co. Operating from Scotland during the summer, and other parts of the UK during the spring and autumn. ,  
The Maid of the Loch:- Under restoration at Balloch, Loch Lomond, Scotland.
The “Medway Queen”. Under restoration at Kingsnorth, Hoo.

PS.” Ryde”. Slowly rotting away. Situated at Binfield Corner, Isle Of Wight. UK.,

PS. Wingfield Castle (ex Humber ferry).,

PS. Tattershall Castle (ex Humber ferry).,

PS. Lincoln Castle (ex Humber ferry)., now scrapped (2010). :-(

Paddle Steamer Links
There are however paddle steamers surviving in other parts of the world. The oldest surviving steamer is to be found in Norway, the PS. Skibladner built in 1856 and still running each summer. The second oldest is the PS. Hjejlen built in 1861 situated in Silkeborg, Denmark. Apparently there is a little bit of controversy between the Danes and Norwegians as to which steamer is technically the oldest, as PS Skibladner has been lengthened, altered and re-engined twice since it was built. Whereas PS Hjejlen is pretty well in its original state, with its original engine. Throughout the rest of Europe there are paddle steamers still running in:- Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Italy.
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