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     We met on the 9th of April 1999, quite by chance, through  the internet, after we had both just installed a software program for internet telephony, and after just a few days of email and very enjoyable chat, we realised that we were on totally the same wavelength, and often thought of the same things at the same time. We met in person for the first time in August 1999, when Ro made a trip to Denmark. The month we spent together turned out to be a really wonderful experience, and we decided that despite the obstacles of living so far apart, we wanted our relationship to continue and grow.  At the beginning of December Ro made her way to Denmark once again, and thus we were able to spend Christmas, the New Year, and some of the winter together !
We had a quiet but enjoyable Christmas and New Year, which provided Ro with a few new experiences, for example.. the incredible amount of fireworks that were sent up into the Danish air space by everyone in the country including ourselves!!!
     The time after New Year has been spent working on this site, wallpapering and a bit of painting and John working during the week (Arrghhhh). We have also been entertaining and visiting friends. Ro has been venturing into the town and testing the locals on their knowledge of the English language, and has also spent time trying to learn some of the Danish language, (the Teletubbies provided an excellent lesson in “how to count to 4” in Danish !).
      The time that Ro was here on her second visit, went very quickly, and she has now returned home to the States, and the new period of separation has begun, but not for long, as John has just got his airline tickets confirmed for a 3 week visit with Ro in the U.S. in the summer :)))) But at the moment it is back to emailing, chats and telephone calls :((((
One big milestone in our relationship, happened during Ro’s stay in Denmark, on the 29th Of February. John had been out doing some shopping in the town, and on returning home, he found Ro standing to meet him, with a long stemmed red rose, and a very romantic card, with a picture of a small girl kissing a small boy who is holding a long stemmed red rose. Amongst all the lovely things written in the card, were the words.. “I am wondering......... will you marry me?”. John after getting over the big surprise, took a deep breath and said..................................................................“ YES” :-)

     The next  challenge that faced us..was...When and Where the  happy day would be !!
In July 2000, John made a 3 week trip with his daughter Kristina, to visit Ro in the States. A great time was had, and they met quite a large number of Ro’s friends and relatives. The trip was very enjoyable, with many wonderful memories.
At the beginning of Sept 2000, Ro returned to Denmark, with the intention of getting permission for an extended stay (in all 6 months). After her return, the date was arranged for the wedding.  It happened on the 27th of January 2001, at 3 PM. in the local church. After a lot of confusion, Ro managed to get her residency permit. Since then, life went fairly wonderfully for us during 2001, even though Ro has had to spend 18 hours a week at a language school battling with the Danish language :) We managed 2 trips to England and one trip to America during 2001. We also manged to replace our 133Mhz computer with a secondhand 350Mhz model, we acquired some extra cupboards and a shiny 12 year old Ford Escort.
   The first part of 2002 turned out to be disasterous, starting with the sudden demise of our PC which irreversably became a beeping, whirring mass of plastic and metal, problems with taxes, and the deteriorating health and death of John’s mother.

     In August 2002 we found a lovely house in a small village. This is the nearest thing to an English country cottage that we have managed to find in our area of Denmark. We have a very large garden--1800sq meters. This large area of ground tales up alot of our time from the spring until late autumn. A large amount of time is spent waging war on weeds. We have now added a garden railway, more of which can be found in the “Steamy Pages”. Life goes on quietly, and we’re still very happy together.
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