Mystic Seaport
The steamship "Sabino" arrivng at the quayside after taking a trip around the port area.
     Mystic in Connecticut, is a charming place, with preserved buildings, ships and other curiosities of many types in natural surroundings.

     Apart from the maritime museum, there is a preserved village with shops, bandstand, preserved buildings, an observatory and an aquarium. A whole day can be spent here, just looking at the old shops and craft demonstrations !

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SS. Sabino.
The preserved steamship "Sabino" takes visitors on regular trips. SS. Sabino was built in 1908 as the steamer "Tourist" for the Damariscotta Steamboat Company.
     The ship had quite an interesting life, changing owners quite a few times.

     There is a story of the time in 1961 when 3 guys saw the steamer laid up, and one of them decided to buy it and offered the current owners, a large shipping company, $500 for the ship. The sale was agreed, and the plan was to sail Sabino under her own steam, from Portland, Maine to Newburyport. Before leaving port, the owner decided to have the hull checked, which proved to be thoroughly rotten, so he immediately approached a friend who already had a motorboat, saying " you need to buy a steam boat, as everyone has one these days, and you don't want to be an oddball do you ?"  So the friend, Edward Lamb, bought the Sabino for $500 and immediately realised what a mistake he had made, and consequently managed to sell Sabino to 26 year old Jim Corbin who owned the boatyard where Edward Lamb kept his motorboat.

     Jim Corbin fell in love with the ship at first sight. Corbin and his father spent 5 or so years restoring the Sabino, and after many adventures, the ship eventually ended at Mystic in 1975. There are many stories about this ship, and the book "A steamboat named Sabino" by George King III makes very interesting reading.
MV.Gerda III
     Another very interesting exhibit at Mustic Seaport is the small Danish vessel "Gerda III" which has also been restored. When I first saw the "Gerda II" at the jetty,not knowing what sort of ship she was, or where she came from, my first thought was, good grief they have fishing boats here to the same design as Danish ones, then I noticed the Danish flag on the side, and saw the placard in the photo on the left. I became a bit wiser !
(Above Left).An antique popcorn and peanut roasting machine, which is driven by steam, and still works. The two operators are standing by the peanut roaster. The popcorn is made in the windowed section at the other end.
Part of the main street of Mystic Village with shops on the left hand side.
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