Jespers Steam-up - 4th June 2005
It was a pleasant day, with some dry spells interupted by light rain. We were 5 people in all. The garden was lovely with shrubs and flowers everywhere. The railway was extensive covering the whole length and width of the garden. There were bridges to cross, a short tunnel to run through and a good few stations to stop at.Jesper has added many buildings over the years and has added intriguing and humourous scenes alongside the track.  The track is LGB with radius 2 and 3 curves. There were many turnouts and a good choice of routes to drive. In fact in the beginning, it was a little confusing for me to work out where my train was heading, but after a short while it all became very easy.
(Above) Poul Betak's Roundhouse “Katie” accelerating down a straight section of track.
Attending the steam-up were, Ander's with his Accucraft "Superior", Frede Nielsen also with his Accucraft Superior", Poul Betak with his Roundhouse "Katie", myself and Ro with my Roundhouse "Argyll" and of course the host himself, Jesper, with his Accucraft Shay and Roundhouse Billy.

One good thing about the damp weather in the afternoon, was, the wonderful plumes of steam that burst out of the locos chimneys. We were able to run most of the afternoon, with pauses for hotdogs  coffee and beer. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the day in Jesper’s and his mothers garden, not to mention the delicious evening meal.
(Above) Here’s Anders’s Accucraft Superior being shy in front of the camera, actually he’s just blown his new whistle.
This was a very pretty setting, it’s a pity the camera didn’t catch it all. Here’s my “Argyll” loco emerging from under the bridge.
(Above) Jesper’s “Shay” pounding along the straight section. This loco just kept going, and going and going.
Poul’s “Katie” taking a well earned rest at the goods depot.
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