Garden Railway Links
Name Link Description
ACME Engineering Repairs, Accesories, Loco Enhancement, Sound Kits.
Anything Narrow Gauge New and secondhand locomotives.
Brandbright Ltd. Everything for the garden railway.
Garden Railway Centres. Everything for the garden railway.
Garden Railway Services. Everything for the garden railway.
Gaugemaster. Online shop.
Kent Garden Railways. Online shop.
IP Engineering Battery powered loco's & rolling stock kits.
Martins Models. Regner dealer in UK. LGB etc.
Model Fair Pe-owned and collectable model railways.
My Hobby Store All types of models, materials, tools and drawings.
OnTracks. Online shop.
Quisenberry Station  
Rio Grande Southern Railroad Hobbies.  
Sierra Valley Enterprises.  
The Signal Box Live Steam Depot.  
T & M Models   Locomotives, Radio Control, Buildings, Signals and Lighting.
Trojaner (Harrislee, Germany).  
Suppliers List
Name Link Description
Accucraft (USA)  
Accucraft (UK).  
.Accucraft (Europe)  
Argyle Locomotive Works.  
DJB Engineeing. Coal fired loco's, accessories etc.
ELR Engineering Conversion of Roundhouse loco's to coal firing
IP Engineering. Battery powered diesel outline loco's
John Prescott Engineering.  
Peter Angus Locomotives One off specialist steam locos.
Pikes Peak Loco Works.  
Riverdale Locomotives Coal fired Roundhouse loco's
Roundhouse Engineering.  
RWM Steam / Roy Wood Models Janet, De Winton loco's, Mamod spares, upgrades and accesories.
Stuart Models. Locomotves from the original Cheddar Models Range
Tolhurst Model Engineers. Tel: (int) 0044-1284 728643  UK=01284 72864
Superb live steam locomotives, signals
Tootle Engineering.  
Live Steam / Electric Loco Manufacturers
Name Link Description
A J Reeves.  
Bagham Whistles.  
BF Industries (Auto water level control).  
Clevedon Steam. Cheddar Models spares, and other accessories.
MACC Model Engineer Supplies. Fittings, bolts, tools, material, solder and marine engine kits.
Maidstone Engineering. Fittings,metal, bolts etc.
Milton Locoworks. Specialised parts for loco's
PM Research. hp?cat=14  
Summerlands Chuffer. Chuff enhancement for live steam.
Weltyk’s Whistles. Would you believe... Whistles !
Live Steam Accessories
Name Link Description
Cheddar Valley Steam. Boilers for 32mm/45mm locos, 2˝”, 3˝”, 5”, 7 1/4” Gauges
Boiler Manufacturers
Name Link Description
Graham Industries Steam Engines.  
Stuart Models.  
Name Link Description
The Association Of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers.  
The G Scale Society.  
The Gauge 1 Model Railway Association.  
Rails In The Garden Incorporated.(Australia).  
Model Steam Engine Manufacturers
Name Link Description
DJB Engineering. Transfers
Locolines. Locomotive lining service
Lightline. html Locomotive lining service
Pendle Valley Workshop Resin buildings and building accesories.
Model Town. Resin building kits, signals and figures.
T & M Models Building kits and accesories.
Buildings, Figures & Transfers
Garden Railway Associations & Societies
Name Link Description
Animated Engines.  
Learn G Scale & Garden Railways.  
Railway Signalling.  
Scales Used For Garden Railways.  
Small Scale Live Steam Resources.  
Garden Railway Information & Useful Sites
Name Link Description
Garden Railway Forum. A great, very friendly forum covering many topics.
“G” Scale Central. A great forum covering many topics. Many forums dealing with all aspects of garden railways,construction + articles about making locos, scale figures etc
SSLive Steam Guide.  
Name Link Description
Atlantic Publishers.  
Garden Rail.  
Garden Railways. sp?idMagazine=5  
Steam In The Garden.  
Magazines & Books
Garden Railway Internet Forums
Garden Railways Worth Browsing
Fairvale Light Railway, Winchester, UK........
Not The Real Southwold Railway. UK (some very nice photos and modelling on this site)....
South Don and Flingel Railway (Susan and David Fleetwood a beautiful Railway) .......
The Cemmaes Road and Dolfor Junction Railway. (Dan Crow, San Francisco). Indoor live steam, featuring locos from Accucraft, Locomotion, Well Chuffed, IP Engineering............
The Chidham Light Railway. Hampshire, UK.......
The Glastonbury Heights Light Railway, UK.....
The Haggerleases Light Railway.......... A beautiful garden railway, and nicely done website.
The MLR. Hampshire, UK. (Milton Loco works site, click on “railways” to see a large number of photos from many different garden railway. Well worth a visit)...............
The Mawnan and Helford Light Railway. (An extensive garden railway in a beautiful setting)........
The Moreton Pit Light Railway..... A beautifully scenic garden railway, and a comprehensive website...
The Pigsty Hill Light Railway..... A small but interesting garden railway, and an interesting and informative site.
The Rickety Shed Light Railway. ........
The Suffolk And Borders Light Railway (a UK portable layout)......
The Woodland Railway, UK (lovely photos, a fair sized layout too)....
English Language Sites
Danish Language Sites
Hotel Krogen, Ĺlborg. A very large gauge 1 elevated railway, approximately 330 metres in length....
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Name Link Description
Stan's Handy Converter Converter.htm A very handy program for converting many formats and also creating electrical circuits for LED lighting, also resistor calculator.
Useful Software
Tools and Materials
Name Link Description
Expo Tools Tools, Drills, R/C accesories, materials, glue, motors, gears etc.
My Hobby Store Tools, materials, Drawings.
Squires Tools Vast selection of modelling tools.
Name Link Description
Stan's Handy Converter Converter.htm A very handy program for converting many formats and also creating electrical circuits for LED lighting, also resistor calculator.