PS Embassy
Built:- 1911. (As “Duchess Of Norfolk”)
Last day of operation :- 22nd September 1966.

Gross weight:- 381 tons.
Length:-190.2 feet.  Breadth:-26.1 feet.  Depth:-8.7 feet.
Engine Details:- Type:- Compound diagonal. High Pressure cyl. diameter = 27” Low Pressure cyl. diameter =51”. Stroke =54”. Nominal Horsepower =162.
Hull:- Steel.
Builders-Hull:- D&W Henderson & Co. Glasgow.
Builders-Engines:- D&W Henderson & Co. Glasgow.
Fuel.- Oil.
As mentioned above, this steamer was originally named “Duchess of Norfolk” and operated on the South Coast for the L & SW and L. B. S.C. Railways Joint fleet. The steamer was sold to Cosens of Weymouth in 1937 and was renamed “Embassy” operating from Weymouth and taking day trips to Swanage, Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight. She ceased operating on this service at the end of the summer of 1966 and was sold for scrap in 1967. A sad loss for the South Coast holidaymakers. In the early 1960’s, I was lucky to be able to make a number of trips on PS. Embassy, from Swanage to Bournemouth, and also from Swanage to the Isle of Wight. The engine room was always kept in spotless condition with all the bare brass, steel and copper very highly polished.
Cosen's PS. Embassy in the summer of 1966, location unknown. I apologise for the quality of this photo, it was scanned from an old photo in my possession, which had a very red tint. It has had bit of work done on it in Paintshop Pro X3
The beautifully polished engines and well kept engineroom of PS Embassy in 1965. The engines were kept spotless right up to the ships last day in service !
PS. Embassy arriving at the north side of Swanage Pier in July 1964 or 1965 with a good load of paying passengers from Bournemouth. Note the duct attached to the front of the funnel (behind the wheelhouse ) air was driven through this to create a forced draught for the oil fired burner.
The 2 black and white photos (right & above) were taken on a trip from Swanage to Bournemouth and return, in 1965.

   These photos were taken with my first camera, I cannot remember the make, but it was one of the first cheap plastic cameras that cost approximately seven shillings. The photos are not as sharp compared to photos taken with my parents Kodak camera, but for the price of the camera, they were surprisingly clear !
(Above) A not too good shot taken aft of the funnel. Note the loud speaker on the tank behind the funnel. The tank apparently contained a foaming agent to be used as fire extinguisher in the event of an engineroom fire. Life jackets were stored under the canvas “tent”. Folding chairs were provided as extra seating on the aft deck.
Another old photo from my cheap camera, PS Embassy backing out from Swanage pier. July 1964 or 1965.
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