The three main areas of Denmark are:- Sjælland, Fyn and Jutland, or in English Zeeland, Funen and Jutland. There are many small and medium sized inhabited islands as well. Sjælland and Fyn are also large islands, connected by bridges. Many of the smaller islands are connected by ferries. The west coast of Jutland boasts hundreds of miles of sandy beaches. Population = approx 5-6 million people.
Ok folks, this is the country where we live, and we travel about in it quite a bit, shopping, going to work, and taking trips out and about. The last item is what we will feature here, some of the sights and places this country has to offer. Denmark is made up of 3 main parts, Jylland (Jutland), Fyn (Funen) and Sjælland  (Zealand)  plus a large number of small islands. The Danish landscape is flatish, the highest point being approx 400 ft above sea level. There is a varied landscape, throughout the country. Sometimes the scenery can change quite dramatically in a short distance.  For example some parts of the west coast of Jutland around the Hanstholm area resemble a lunar landscape, with sand dunes stretching many kilometers.
Here’s the whole of PARIS !!! A small village comprised of 8 houses, in the mid west region of Jutland, Denmark.
A few kilometers inland from the west coast of Jutland, there are woods, hills, lakes and farmland. Other parts of Jutland have large areas of heath land, while on the northeastern side of Jutland in the area of Rebild there are steep hills and valleys. The Principle town of Jutland is Århus, the second largest city in Denmark. Odense, the principle city on the island of Fyn is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. There are many picturesque traditional Danish cottages with thatched rooves to be seen on Fyn. Odense also has a railway museum and many other attractions. And of course on the island of Sjælland, København (Copenhagen)  has masses of things to offer the visitor. Roskilde has a viking museum, and a large cathedral. I cannot say too much about Sjælland as I have not been there very often !
“A Winter Sky” ! I have often heard visitors to Denmark, exclaim “Isn’t the sky big”
A cosy little cottage on the island of Strynø.
In the photo on the right we have a Danish farmer, no doubt worrying about how he is going to be able to pay his taxes ! If you think your standard of living is bad, just look at the photo on the right and at the interior of his house ! Those things you see along the righthand side of the building at floor level are the family’s beds.

Ok I admit it, I am kidding.. although there are no doubt many people going around Denmark worrying about their taxes and economic situation ! The two photos above are from a viking settlement and were taken at a place called Hjerl Hede near Vinderup in midt west Jutland. It is a very popular place for people to visit and see many really old preserved buildings and working exhibits from centuries past.  Some of the exhibits include :- a dairy, water driven mill, cartwright, cobbler, smithy, saw mill, peat workings, a narrow gauge railway, village school viking settlement etc. All these exhibits are brought to life from mid June until early August.

There will in the course of time be more pages added, which are dedicated to some of the places we have visited, Hjerl Hede being one of them.
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