Boxford, Massachusetts
We had been invited to visit a steam-up being held in Boxford, Massachusetts in July 2005. After a fairly long drive from Rhode Island, we arrived at the steam-up early in the afternoon of a hot and sunny Saturday. It was a new experience for me to see trains running on an elevated track, and the steam-up’s host, Andy, had built and just finished an extensive elevated track, which wound it’s way through the wooded area at the back of his house. There were a good few people attending the steam-up, unfortunately I cannot remember all the names of the people we met, but those I do remember are, James Chadbourne, Andy Bauer, Larry Mosher, Richard Jenkins, Howard (surname unknown) and Don Jackson from Booth Bay Harbour in Maine. We had a very enjoyable afternoon, and thank Andy and his wife for their hospitality
An impressive line-up of Accucraft C-16’s. If I remember rightly the “Bumble Bee (right) belonged to Richard Jenkins, the loco in the middle was James Chadbourne’s, but I cannot remember who owned the loco on the left.
A beautifully weathered and detailed Accucraft C21 belonging to Andy Bauer.
James Chadbourne via the MLS forum had suggested to me that it might be interesting for us to visit Andy Bauers steam day in July 2005 while we were on holiday in Rhode Island, he was right, it WAS interesting !

He had brought  some of his collection of English and American locomotives.

The photo on the left shows his Roundhouse Engineering "Lady Anne".
The lower left photo shows his Accucraft C16, a locomotive I find very attractive.

The lower right photo shows his beautiful Aster "Jumbo" pulling a rake of equally beautiful coaches which I believe were built by Don Jackson from Cape Cod. He was also attending the steam day.
Another "attendee" was Richard Jenkins, who had brought 2 locomotives to run. The first was an Accucraft C16 "Bumble Bee" and the second was a lovely Aster / Fulgurex "King George V", proving that the Great Western locomotives even have fans in the USA ! Both locomotives (shown below) ran very well.
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