Due to the fact that Ro was born, raised and lived in Rhode Island until she moved to Denmark in 2000, we often travel there for approx. 3 weeks in the summer. The following pages contain photos from some of the places we have visited whilst we have been there.
Normally we fly from Denmark to Frankfurt/Amsterdam or Paris and then on to Boston. Flight time from Denmark to Frankfurt/Amsterdam or Paris = 1-1 hours.
Frankfurt/Amsterdam or Paris to Boston = approximately 8 hours, slightly less on the return journey.
Some of the Boston,Mass.skyline seen from one of the popular "Duck" tours. These tours are very enjoyable, as the amphibious vehicle drives around the city and through the water of the lakes and rivers.
The Haddam ferry, leaving East Haddam on the Connecticutt river.
A view of the ferry landing at East Haddam, which was a picturesque place.
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