Hotel Krogen Part 1
The Hotel Krogen in Aalborg has an amazing Gauge 1 track which is approx 330 metres in length, due to be extended in 2012. The track is elevated from the ground at varying heights, there are many sidings, a turntable and loco servicing area's. Despite being designed for Gauge 1, a scale of 1:32, other garden railway stock in other scales using 45 mm gauge track are made very welcome.
Our first visit to the Hotel Krogen track.  At this point the layout was a circular double track. In the background, thin posts can be seen marking the path of the new extension.
My Hercules locomotive and Bachmann coaches and Ander's Superior LGB coaches and caboose.
Our group of narrow gauge garden railway folk, whose rolling stock varies from 1:19 to 1 :22 are also made very welcome and most of us have had many enjoyable afternoons running on the track. Steam days are usually held on the first Sunday in each month, except for December, January and February. Anyone interested in visiting the railway are asked to contact Hotel Krogen... The railway at the hotel is featured here...
April 5th, 2008
Our hosts, Aksel and David ran this Aster model of a Japanese prototype.
Poul's Roundhouse special seen here pulling his scratch built rolling stock and creating beautiful steam plumes in the process !
Left :- Aksels Aster Schools competing for the best steam plume of the day.

Above :- After warming up, it was set to do some work.

Below :- Frede's Superior pulling it's usual heavy load of wood.